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A world without falls can finally exist

PreSAGE® Remote Patient Monitoring

At CoNEX, we understand that with today's changes in population and dynamic healthcare environment, many caregivers struggle to provide effective care for elderly patients due to lack of manpower or lack of space in hospitals and nursing homes. Our research has shown that high fall risk patients make up a large proportion of patients in hospitals. Therefore, we developed PreSAGE®.

With PreSAGE®, we have a smart predictive patient monitoring solution adopted by hospitals, nursing homes and residential clients.

We can't wait to make the world a
safer place for patients.

What is PreSAGE®

PreSAGE® is a state-of-the-art AI-enabled technology platform that provides non-contact, non-intrusive and continuous patient and bed-side event monitoring. PreSAGE® is designed to operate passively in the background, generating alert notifications when anomalies are predicted to allow timely interventions by healthcare staff. Additionally, PreSAGE® enables post-event analysis, privacy-preserved image-based investigation and reporting.

Bed Exit.jpg

High quality Thermal camera

PreSAGE® is based on a thermography sensor that generates thermal images with sufficiently high clarity, and when combined with image processing and artificial intelligence, allows the system to recognize objects of interest with high accuracy.

Privacy Ensured

The most important aspect of PreSAGE® is however - Privacy. There has never been any image-based solution been accepted by patients and allowed to operate on a 24/7 basis until the introduction of PreSAGE®.

PreSAGE® has cleared national-level Solution Review Boards and various healthcare institutions' cyber-security requirements as it does not generate nor store any patient-identifiable information, or PII. The data generated by PreSAGE® essentially are a bunch of scrambled (but still encrypted) temperature readings of an environment.

PreSAGE® Bed-exit Prediction and Prevention

Another key function of PreSAGE® is its unprecedented level of automation. PreSAGE® provides healthcare staff with peace of mind in knowing that patients are adequately and safely cared for, powered by novel artificial intelligence and smart system designs, while at the same time reducing the need for caregiver manpower. It offers a completely hands-free and automated experience for all levels of elderly care - Hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes. 

How does it work?

Image by Henry & Co.

Healthcare staff notices physical alarm being triggered and responds to patient immediately 

Image by Henry & Co.

PreSAGE® monitors patient passively and uses AI to predict bed-exits. When a positive prediction occurs, a physical alarm unit outside the room is triggered 


Image by Henry & Co.

When healthcare staff arrives at bedside to attend to patient, PreSAGE® detects staff's presence and turns off alarm automatically

PreSAGE® catches bed-exits with extremely high accuracy by monitoring and predicting patient movements and intent through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software. When bed-exits are triggered, healthcare staff will intervene timely

 - making every bed-side visit a purposeful one. 

Today, entire hospitals have all single rooms equipped with PreSAGE® to provide enhanced patient safety with a privacy-preserved AI-powered solution. PreSAGE® is deployed in both privately-operated hospitals and also government-funded hospitals.

Below: PreSAGE® device installed on the ceiling overseeing the bed area, in a privately-operated hospital room.

HR MENH 01.jpg

With advanced algorithm design, PreSAGE® is able to understand busy nursing operations and how objects interact with each other in a co-shared space, yet no missing any bed-exits and thus preventing falls in open-wards and also nursing homes.

Below: PreSAGE® devices on the ceiling, protecting nursing home residents in a co-shared not air-conditioned cubicle.

SANH deployment 03.jpeg



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