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We ensure privacy is protected


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No user information is stored or generated by PreSAGE®, ensuring that users data will remain safe and not compromised.



Why Choose PreSAGE®


What Our Clients Are Saying

Falls prevention has reached a new level with the use of a predictive system that allows as early as 15 seconds of early warning alarm for caregiver to intervene, before a high fall risk patient steps out from bed. The PreSAGE® system leverages on smart video analytics, rendering it an effective and time-saving fall prevention system.

PreSAGE's® AI-enabled technology, privacy-preserved and continuous monitoring features have helped reduce our patients' risk for fall.

It servers as an extra pair of eyes for our nurses in keeping our patients safe!

The continuous monitoring by the PreSAGE® bed-exit prediction and prevention system has helped us prevent falls in the isolation rooms.

Nurses are able to respond early to prevent falls and have better visibility of the patient's movement in the isolation room.


Dr Hoi Shuyin

Chief Nurse

Tan Tock Seng Hospital


Ms Elaine Choo

Assistant Director, Nursing

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital


Ms Chan Mei Mei

Head, Deputy Director of Nursing

Jurong Community Hospital

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