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PreSAGE For Homes

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H o v e r

Research has found that the first 60 minutes, or "Golden Hour", right after a senior suffers and injury is critical in determining their fate later on.

Falls at homes are an extremely common occurrence, especially with the elderly, and it can be difficult for caretakers to monitor patients 24/7. That's why PreSAGE® has been redeployed to care for elderly living alone. PreSAGE® now enables enhanced safety by monitoring of fall incidents and sending of timely notifications to loved ones or service providers.

In 2021, PreSAGE® was deployed in a nation-wide pilot programme to do just that. High fall-risk elderly were enrolled in this pilot programme had PreSAGE® installed in their homes that provides that crucial monitoring on a 24/7 basis, coupled with care services from Service Providers. We are happy to report that in the 8-month pilot programme, no falls were missed.


Data indicates that if elderly were to receive medical care within the Golden Hour, their odds to continue staying at home increases greatly.

Apart from requiring technology that can identify these incidents accurately with little false alarms, a holistic ecosystem is needed for rapid response and intervention. This led to the birth of PreSAGE® Cares.

Community-Assisted Response for Elderly Safety

Under PreSAGE® CARES, selected elderly will have their home equipped with the PreSAGE® solution. Designed to be fuss-free and standalone, the PreSAGE® system can be deployed and configured to operate in as little as 30 minutes.

Loved ones or service organizations can then receive real-time notifications whenever there are incidents, or simply check in on the elderly in a privacy-preserved manner from the comfort of your phone. Talk to us today to find out more!

Community-Assisted Response for Elderly Safety  Contact us today to test out PreSAGE® CARES for your organization or loved ones!
PreSAGE® Cares
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